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Hello. Don’t think I’ve met everyone.


Matty Doctor! Hi! I’ve seen better days. And yourself?


Hey. Not too good to be honest but i’m trying to see people on my days off from directing! I hope you’re alright.

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Hello. Don’t think I’ve met everyone.



Well look who it is, Billie Callgirl. How are you?

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Ready to Start // Matt + Open

Matt was spending most of his days in Paris either alone in his room or feeling alone on the set of his tv movie. Directing was a very isolated job and he hadn’t realised just how time consuming it could be until it had basically taken over. He hadn’t seen Karen or Alex in weeks, infact he’d hardly spoken to another human being. He’d shouted and pointed a lot and frankly he was knackered.

Leaving his hotel room on a rare day off, Matt wondered what to do with his day. His friends were probabaly too busy for him now, everything had gone so quickly. He’d heard about Karen and Colin and figured he might not even of heard from her if he’d tried to call. That first-date spark was obviously going on, like it had done with him and Alex. Not that they’d been a him and Alex, not really. He’d chickened out of that one. It had been a while since he’d been in a relationship and if he was honest with himself, he didn’t think he was ready. The break up with Daisy had been bad and then he hadn’t seen anyone in a while, sort of like right now as he walked to the bar with a glum look on his face. 

I have a girlfriend and she’s beautiful.


Jealous much, Matty?


And don’t call my girlfriend a moonface. It’s rude. 

Nah she loves it. It’s a compliment really I promise.


No, no. I’m quite certain it’s true, Matthew.

I’d rather shag Barrowman, and that’s saying something.


I’d rather shag Barrowman than have you anywhere near my arse again.